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How are the UND GRETEL products preserved?
How are the UND GRETEL products preserved?

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For the production of natural cosmetics, in addition to physical processes including extraction with water, vegetable alcohol, carbonic acid, vegetable fats and oils and glycerin derived from them, enzymatic and microbiological processes are also permitted - just as they occur in nature.

In addition, substances from natural ingredients such as fats, oils and waxes, sugar, starch, cellulose, proteins, polysaccharides, vitamins may be obtained by means of hydrolysis, hydrogenation, oxidation, reduction, esterification or other cleavages and condensations.

For the purpose of consumer protection, these following nature-identical preservatives may be used, if necessary:

-Benzoic acid and its salts, -Salicylic acid and its salts, -Sorbic acid and its salts, -Benzyl alcohol, -Dehydroacetic acid and its salts.

(When using these preservatives, the addition: "Preserved with ... [name of preservative]" is required).

For example, for our all-rounder WINT, we use nature-identical preservatives: Benzyl Alcohol, Dehydroacetic Acid - as indicated on the outer packaging. These ingredients are compliant with BDIH guidelines. For more information about ingredients in our beloved UND GRETEL products, you can read our blog post: Ingredients.

Our other UND GRETEL favourites are either preserved by omitting a water component - sometimes in combination with short-term heating - or the antimicrobial or antioxidant properties of SILVER (CI 77820), glyceryl caprylate and tocopherol, for example, are used.

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