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Are all ingredients in UND GRETEL products free of animal testing?
Are all ingredients in UND GRETEL products free of animal testing?

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We believe that true beauty is created in conscious balance of man and nature.

We guarantee that no animal testing may be performed or commissioned in the production, development or testing of products and ingredients.

That's why we've only used selected, natural ingredients from around the world that are ethically sourced, allowed to grow sustainably, and in harmony with the environment and our future. From avocado oil to chamomile extract to distillate of clary sage, all our ingredients have their nurturing, healing and balancing origins in nature. If you want to know even more about our ingredients, click right here.

We've developed a range of highly pigmented, long-lasting colours based on BDIH-certified, luxurious textures that make our products smell and taste as good as they look and care.

Each product has been individually developed, improved and perfected in a careful long process and tested on celebrities, models, friends and family - never on animals.

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