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Are UND GRETEL products vegan?
Are UND GRETEL products vegan?

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After food, fashion, and skincare, we impress as a pioneer with sustainable high-end make-up – free of harmful substances and with the best from nature. And in a contemporary way: No toxic ingredients. No animal testing. No compromises. ‘MAKE-UP WITH NO COMPROMISES’ you can find out what precisely that means for us in our blog post.

Performance over vegan

We want our products to shine and make you shine.

We use purely natural ingredients, without silicone, petroleum oils, parabens, or other harmful substances – even synthetic dyes are no alternative for us. Here you can read what the most common harmful substances in cosmetics are.

All ingredients are from ethically correct production. All of the products that we can develop in a vegan way without sacrificing quality will always be vegan at UND GRETEL.


In our online shop, we show all of our ingredients not only in Latin but also in English – so it is possible for you to read exactly what is contained in one of our UND GRETEL favorites. In addition, each product is presented in the description at the beginning of the product page – you will see there straight away whether the product is vegan. You can find out all about our ingredients here.

These are our vegan UND GRETEL favorites:

Beeswax (Cera Alba)

Bees produce this material to build their hives; when used in natural cosmetics, it both improves textural consistency and offers nourishing properties: Beeswax. Beeswax is the oldest natural substance used to make ointments. Beeswax has skin-protecting and moisturizing properties. It forms a thin protective film on the skin that has a soothing, restorative effect on any areas of irritation or dryness. As a natural substance, it is somewhat harder and more porous than fats and oils. In decorative cosmetic products such as lipstick or mascara, beeswax thus helps to increase the melting point of the products. This gives them the stability they need. The following of our UND GRETEL treasures contain organic beeswax:

Carmine (cochineal)

Carmine is probably the oldest dye in the world and has been used by humans since the early Stone Age. The dyeing property of carmine is extraordinary – just one gram of powder is enough to dye about 10 liters of water deep red. The red dye is made from the dried female scale insect. Unfortunately, we have not yet found a natural alternative that is capable of replacing this important dye while meeting our quality requirements regarding performance. We are always on the lookout and are starting attempts to find an alternative without resorting to synthetic dyes.

Carmine is currently used in the following UND GRETEL products:

KNUTZEN Lip Gloss (all shades except Nude Shimmer 07 & Caramel Shimmer 11)

TAGAROT Lipstick (all shades except Copper 04 & all vegan editions)

Wool wax (lanolin)

Wool wax is extracted from the woolen fleece of a sheared sheep. After washing the fleece, the raw wool wax can be obtained and processed. Lanolin is a natural moisturizer and a superweapon for the skin. The non-vegan variant would be polyethylene glycol, also known as PEG. This synthetic molecular compound is made from the toxic and environmentally harmful petroleum derivative ethylene oxide. PEG can cause allergies, is potentially carcinogenic and genetically harmful. Wool wax alcohol is definitely the better alternative for us: It is natural, not harmful, but also not vegan. This UND GRETEL treasure contains wool wax:

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