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Why is TALC used in some UND GRETEL products?
Why is TALC used in some UND GRETEL products?

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TALC (talc) is a natural mineral ingredient approved by the BDIH for natural cosmetics. The talc in our products is - as required by law for Europe - asbestos-free.

In addition, we only use this ingredient in bound form, e.g. in the SPRUSSE Eyebrow Pencils and the pressed IMBE Eyeshadows, so you won't inhale any talc during normal use. You can find more about our ingredients here.

Intense colours and long-lasting adhesion have only been achieved in the professional, decorative cosmetics sector by using controversial ingredients as well as synthetic preservatives. Make-up products from the natural cosmetics segment, on the other hand, have so far lacked strong colours, fine textures and long-lasting adhesion.

With the best from nature and highly pigmented, covering and long-lasting - which was previously unthinkable in decorative natural cosmetics - we at UND GRETEL have managed this as a pioneer the industry. And we have done it without synthetic preservatives, without chemical ingredients and, above all, without compromise. You can find out more about our position here in our blog post MAKE-UP THAT REFUSES TO COMPROMISE - Bright colours, high coverage, longevity, HD-suitable.

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