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Is MICA used in UND GRETEL products?
Is MICA used in UND GRETEL products?

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We believe that true beauty comes from a balance of people and nature. That's why we only use selected natural ingredients from around the world that are allowed to grow ethically and sustainably, in harmony with the environment and our future. What make-up that refuses compromise means to us, you are welcome to read in more detail here. You can read more about, what make-up without any compromise means to us, here.

Mica is the mineral that gives products shimmer or glitter. The colour of this shimmer and how it appears on the product depends on how fine or coarse the mineral is. It can be white, pink, yellow, brown, silver-grey, green or a violet metallic shimmer.

The shimmer in IMBE is pearlescent, which is created by mica.

We use mica because it is a natural mineral. We have written confirmation from each of our mica suppliers that fair and ethical working conditions are maintained in the mines. Child or forced labor is not tolerated. These requirements are monitored through regular audits, individual inspections and self-assessments.

If you want to know more about our philosophy, you can read it here in our blog article: "Ingredients- NATURAL COSMETICS HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH SACRIFICE AND COMPROMISE".

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