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What is the best way to treat the brushes from UND GRETEL SUNNE and TUNKAL?
What is the best way to treat the brushes from UND GRETEL SUNNE and TUNKAL?

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SUNNE brushes are made of natural hair - therefore we recommend that each brush is washed before first use and regularly thereafter. The brush is made from very fine goat hair, which needs as much care as other natural hair. You can clean the brush with a mild shampoo if you do not have a special brush soap. By the way, no animals were harmed or had to suffer for the brush. More about our position in terms of how vegan UND GRETEL is, you'll find here.

In general, all brushes and tassels of the products should be washed 1x a week with clean water and natural brush cleaner, or natural soap.

If the brush of the TUNKAL Concealer is not used for a while, not cleaned and in addition a temperature above 25 °, it can lead to a bacteria formation, which can produce an unpleasant smell. You can prevent this by cleaning the brush of TUNKAL Concealer under warm water after each use, but at the latest after two to three days, and cleaning it with a towel.

The conservation of our TUNKAL Concealer is made from the combination of three natural preservatives: Vitamin E / Tocopherol, CI 77820 Silver and Clyceryl Capryate (this one works especially well against yeast fungi and bacteria). This is a very good and strong natural preservative system. How are UND GRETEL natural cosmetics products actually preserved? Find out more here.

There is the abbreviation PAO (= Period After Opening) on the packaging with the indication of the shelf life of 6 months, from the time of opening. Certain circumstances may shorten the shelf life slightly, such as storage above 25°. More about UND GRETEL PRODUCTS and their shelf life can be found here.

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