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What does "layering technique" with UND GRETEL products mean?
What does "layering technique" with UND GRETEL products mean?

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You can adjust the opacity of UND GRETEL products as you wish - from light to very strong. You decide how much you want to wear on your lips, eyes or foundation. Because unlike conventional cosmetics, the opacity builds up via the layering principle - regardless of the product. Click here for our detailed blog entry MAKEUP THAT REFUSES TO COMPROMISE, where you can read more about bright colours, high coverage, longevity and HD suitability.

The LIETH Foundation, for example, is applied generously with clean hands like a cream, as the valuable ingredients combine most beautifully with the skin and a natural and silky finish with a light coverage is created. After rough application, let it absorb briefly and pat it in with your finger. To get a stronger coverage, tap in another thin layer selectively over irregularities.

WINT Mascara can also be be applied by using the layering technique by placing the brush on the lash line and pressing lightly. This is giving the lashes a beautiful density without weighing them down. Wait a little bit and then go up to the tips with slight zig-zag movements. Repeat as needed to get a more dramatic eye look with each layer.

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