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Which SUNNE Lifting Modelling Powder is best for me?
Which SUNNE Lifting Modelling Powder is best for me?

100% Natural, BDIH standard, vegan, contour, powder, blush, application, bronzer

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Our SUNNE Lifting Modellage Powder isn't just a powder in three different shades - it is three sets, each with a very specific focus on the face.

However, all SUNNE powders have something in common - a face as simply yet perfectly modeled as if by a make-up artist. SUNNE conjures a natural contour and Mediterranean warmth in your face and a complexion as if kissed by the sun.

Now to the three shades with different focus:

WIDE has a very light shade, which you can distribute over the entire face over a large area. The focus of WIDE: You get a nice fresh glow and the skin texture appears smooth.

LEVE has a light apricot-hue, which you can apply to your cheeks. The focus of LEVE: It gives your face a wonderful freshness on the cheeks.

BERO has a comparatively dark, reddish-brown shade that you can apply on the cheekbones, temples and forehead. The focus of BERO: You can't get more of sunkissed look - this soft reddish-brown shade is like a bronzer that makes you glow with the sun.

The second tone in SUNNE is always the same - it is the dark tone for contouring under the cheekbones, under the chin and along the face contour.

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