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I can mix UND GRETEL products? How do I combine UND GRETEL products?
I can mix UND GRETEL products? How do I combine UND GRETEL products?

Pigment pairing, absolutely pollutant-free, mixability, sustainability

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The minimalist principle: The UND GRETEL mixability

From the very beginning, we at UND GRETEL focused on minimalism. A reduced product range that can be used multifunctionally and combined with each other.

We call it pigment pairing:

Every product can be combined with others, in every possible combo.

For example, our TAGAROT lipsticks and KNUTZEN lip glosses are also perfect as blushes, and our IMBE eyeshadows can be easily mixed with our lipsticks to create a new tone.

Our beloved UND GRETEL LUK can be used as a base for our IMBE eye shadows - the Cream Eye Stick extends the already high durability and intensifies the shades of IMBE eye shadows.

Since all our UND GRETEL products are purely natural and absolutely free of harmful substances, it's not a problem at all to apply the products anywhere on the face. Our pigments are natural and can be mixed with each other, formally merge and adapt to your skin tone. We at UND GRETEL do not follow every colour and product trend, but focus on sustainable and timeless high-end make-up. Our products are pure classics, but combined with each other or used multifunctionally, they offer endless make-up possibilities - there are no limits to your creativity. Our finely reduced product range not only looks tidy and beautiful in the bathroom or on the dressing table - it is also incredibly sustainable. Less is more - because fewer products also mean:

  • less packaging

  • less production

  • less waste

  • less environmental impact

You can find even more about this topic of mixability here in our blog entry Natural Cosmetics and Mixability.

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