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Do UND GRETEL products contain nickel?
Do UND GRETEL products contain nickel?

Mineral colors, iron, titanium, zinc or chromium oxides, LIETH, KNUTZEN

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Natural cosmetic, as the name suggests, consists of purely natural ingredients. Instead of resorting to synthetic color pigments, natural cosmetics make use of the best of nature. Natural minerals are the main colorants. People were already using decorative cosmetics to make themselves more beautiful in the Stone Age, as evidenced by a number of cave paintings. They made use of all colored substances from nature, whether they were berries, charcoal or mineral components. Various oxides such as iron, titanium, zinc or chromium oxides serve as mineral colors in today's cosmetics. You can find out more about our ingredients right here.

Nickel occurs in nature only in very low concentrations - so very small traces of nickel can also occur in our natural raw materials.

At UND GRETEL, we take great care to ensure that only small amounts, if any, are contained in products. That is why, for example, we use iron oxides with the highest degree of purity available to us on the market. Since our products are made of natural pigments, it is possible that traces of nickel may be present in KNUTZEN GLOSS and LIETH FOUNDATION. However, this amount is in any case below the trigger level for possible allergies.

For customers with nickel sensitivity, we recommend first applying a small amount to the elbow and leaving it there for at least one hour before applying a cosmetic product. If redness or itching occurs, the cosmetic product should be avoided. In this case, a dermatologist should be consulted for advice.

Thanks to our LIETH tester sachets, you can easily test whether you tolerate the LIETH foundation, you can go directly to the page of the tester sachets.

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