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Can my UND GRETEL order be delivered to a DHL ServicePoint?
Can my UND GRETEL order be delivered to a DHL ServicePoint?
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Yes, of course we are also happy to deliver to the ServicePoint of your choice.

And this is how it works:

After your first and last name, enter your personal customer number (also known as your postal code) in the additional address information field. You'll find this number on your DHL customer card or in the DHL package App.

If the additional address information field is not available, you can simply enter your postal code after your last name, separated by a space:

  1. Enter "ServicePoint" in the Street field

  2. Write the three-digit number of your desired packing station in the house number field

  3. Now all you have to do is enter the zip code and the location of the desired ServicePoint

And your parcel with your UND GRETEL favorites will arrive at the ServicePoint of your choice.

By the way: You'll find all ServicePoints with location and address here in the post finder.

We have one small exception: Our LIETH TESTER-SACHETS are sent in a letter and therefore delivery to a ServicePoint is not possible.

It can happen that a tracking number is generated. However, this number cannot be tracked, since letter mail cannot be tracked. You can ignore this tracking number if necessary.

The letter will arrive in your mailbox within 2-4 working days. So if you are not at home, the sachets will arrive safely.

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