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What is the UND GRETEL packaging material made of?
What is the UND GRETEL packaging material made of?

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The packaging material of our UND GRETEL cosmetic products consists of sustainable materials like metal, cardboard, porcelain and glass. Unfortunately, we have not yet found the solution to eliminate plastic fully.

But be sure, that we are constantly working to find new, hygienic and innovative solutions to banish more and more waste products from everyday life in the future.

From the very beginning, we have focused on minimalism with our product line. Because the most effective way to avoid waste and burden on the environment is to reduce consumption. That's why we don't go along with every trend, but instead rely on a deliberately reduced line with our UND GRETEL favourites, which can also be mixed and combined very well with each other due to the natural ingredients and color pigments - we call it pigment pairing.

For example, two lipstick colors can be easily mixed into a third - this way we avoid a huge color palette that encourages consumption. You can find more about pigment pairing in our blog post.

When it comes to our outer packaging, it has always been important to us to avoid extra wrappers made out of plastic.

Of course, our sustainable approach also includes shipping: Your UND GRETEL products are shipped to you in recyclable shipping boxes.

The UND GRETEL cartons consist of 70% recycled cardboard and are therefore recyclable and FSC-certified.

The FSC label on wood and paper products stands for transparency, credibility and, above all, a guarantee that people and nature are treated fairly and responsibly throughout the entire production process - starting with sustainable forest management and ending with the final product.

Also the filling and padding chips contained in the box to protect your UND GRETEL products are also FSC certified and made of recycled material. Thereby you can recycle it too. Compliant criteria for all our UND GRETEL favorites - All our certifications briefly explained here.

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