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Is the use of the ingredient CI 77820 (silver E174) in AND GRETEL products questionable?
Is the use of the ingredient CI 77820 (silver E174) in AND GRETEL products questionable?

Titanium dioxide, iron oxide, silver (microsilver), colorant, dye of mineral origin, CI77891, CI77492, CI77491, CI77499, nano-particles.

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We believe that true beauty is created in conscious balance of human and nature.

We use the dye CI 77820 (silver E174) as a coloring agent in our LIETH foundation (also: CI 77891, CI 77492, CI 77491, CI 77499). The amount of silver in our products is less than 0.1%.

This is micro-sized silver is harmless because the particles are too large to penetrate our natural skin barrier. The size property of nanosilver, on the other hand, allows the particles to be absorbed by skin cells and thus pass through the vessels into the organism. Since UND GRETEL does not use nanoparticles, nothing will go below the skin barrier and is not of concern. That is why we are certified by the BDIH! Only cosmetics that meet the strict criteria are allowed to carry the "BDIH Standard" test mark for controlled natural cosmetics and are completely harmless.

Therefore our beloved UND GRETEL products do not contain any toxic and harmful properties! The purest ingredients from nature are the best and it is not only important how decorative cosmetics look, but also that they are not harmful and toxic.

That's why we've used only selected, natural ingredients from around the world that are allowed to grow ethically and sustainably, in harmony with the environment and our future. From avocado oil to chamomile extract to the distillate of clary sage, all our ingredients have their nurturing, healing and balancing origins in nature. They have been combined with the purest mineral pigments and plant-based emollients and waxes - and the very conscious decision to work without toxic and controversial ingredients used in most decorative cosmetic products.

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