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How long can I use UND GRETEL products?
How long can I use UND GRETEL products?

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This differs from product to product. You can find the longevity of your UND GRETEL favourite at the back and very bottom of the outer packaging. You'll find a, kind of crucible symbol, with an open lid. Inside you can see a number, usually 6 or 12, with an "M" for months. This is the time in which you can use your UND GRETEL favourite after opening. Please note: Sometimes you will find this information only on the product packaging and not on your UND GRETEL product itself. If you have already disposed the packaging, we will be pleased to help you. Just write us a message to

All our ingredients come from a "wild collection", which means that the plants have grown naturally. We even have some of them in organic quality. You can easily find these on our packaging: All ingredients marked with an asterisk come from an organic farm.

We produce all UND GRETEL products in Germany and Italy to avoid long transport. A longterm and intensive relationship with our producers is particularly important to us - together we develop our UND GRETEL favorites in co-creations. Joint ideas, regular feedback and continuous development are part of sustainable production for us. Each product was individually developed in a careful, long process, improved several times and finally perfected. You can go directly to our blog article makeup that refuses to compromise and learn even more about our approach for 100% pure natural cosmetics.

If you want to know more about "How are UND GRETEL PRODUCTS preserved?", you'll find more information here, in another FAQ article.

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